Nominations for Management Committee 2018

Annual Elections for positions on the Management Committee of the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre Association Incorporated will be held on 19/6/2018

The following positions proposed for the Board of Management of the Leisure Centre are:

President: Bev Weeks

Nominated by M. Redfern

Seconded by J. Lawson


Vice President – Nominations will need to be called for at the AGM from the floor for the position


Secretary: Sandy Lawton

Nominated by M. Redfern

Seconded by W. Duncan



Asst Secretary

Asst Treasurer




Wendy Ross

Nominated by

Seconded by


Margaret Redfern

Nominated by

Seconded by


Julie Dixon

Nominated by

Seconded by


M. Redfern S. Lawton

W. Ross
S. Lawton

S. Lawton J. Thomas

S. Lawton J. Dixon



Committee Member Jenny Thomas

Nominated by Seconded by

At the close of the Committee meeting all positions were filled except that of Vice President, as such this position will be called for at the Annual General Meeting 19/6/2018

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